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IT Support
Provide 24x7 Primary or Secondary coverage to your network
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Data Protection
When the evidence comes to virus, e-mail spams, worms or spyware...
But many companies fail to understand how Information Security and Data Protection can help increasing business values and generate more outcomes.
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For Our Customers Only Dimensions Of Competence Matter.

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IT Infrastructure Services
Thanks to our  extensive technical expertise, your infrastructure service is on top of our comittement.
  • We define with you the right requirements that meet your business objectives.
  • We design, we deliver.
  • We secure, manage and  maintain the optimal level of performance and availability.
No matther the size of your company, we translate your agility objectives  into enhanced infrastructure solutions.

We provide you  with one-stop services for
  • Server & desktop  systems administration, including directory services, operating system updates and patches, backups and print queues.
  • Applications Monitoring  for your legacy applications and widely used enterprise applications such as Exchange®, SMTP and Blackberry® mail systems; MS-SQL or Oracle® Database Services; Web servers, DHCP Services.
  • Performance Analysis, capacity planning, server and network performance.

Backup & Data Recovery
 we help you protecting your data by selecting the right backup strategy enabling you to quickly Backup/Restore business and employees' productivity environment.
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Implementing proven IT solutions, like Cisco® networks,  Microsoft® Exchange Server or Windows® Operating Systems
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Real time monitoring of servers & performance
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Network Management
The Inevitable Challenges for Continuous business operations.
Your network is the heart of your data center and your businesses continuity
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