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Configuration Management
For IT Level5, Configuration Management is the most important process to gain accurate and timely information for better decision-making. Unfortunately, it's the one whose business value is most misunderstood in IT management
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Technical & Managed IT Support
Ongoing business operations require a reliable, efficient and simplified IT support because supporting IT in mission-critical and multi-vendors environment is a discipline that usually mobilizes skilled and experienced professionals.
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Change & Release Management

In today's business environment, no-one can avoid or prevent the change from occurring. Rather, you need to afford the change for staying ahead from the competition. Only the ways you manage the change does really matter.
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Business Continuity, Backup and Disaster Recovery
For IT Level5, it's mandatory to protect your business from unplanned events that could disrupt your IT Infrastructure and have negative effects on your business operations.
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Capacity Management
A core ITIL® Service Design process.
“Ensure that the capacity of the IT infrastructure matches the evolving demands of the business in the most cost-effective and timely manner.”
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