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Backup & Data Recovery
Making a copy of data is one thing; Making an accurate copy of data at any point of time is another thing. “But putting that copy back into production is often too slow, too complicated, and too monolithic.”
That's what Don Jones a founding Partner of BrainCore.Net called Backup 1.0.

Backup-as-a-Service (BaaS) or Backup 2.0
No matter which acronym to use, the new generation of backup combines intelligent local backup hubs with online remote backups for greater flexibility, performance, reliability, fast and secure.

Today, disks and other Vault technologies along with cheap  networks connectivity have widely increased data space while dropping the price of the ultimate megabyte.

At IT Level5, we have the solutions and the technical knowledge to help you implementing :
  • The right backup solutions for your business
  • Automated backup, while removing manual and human efforts
  • Maximized data security and data availability
  • Bar metal and fast recovery of your servers as in one call service request
  • Less or no tape management and other related duties.Cost saving and business efficiency.