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Business Continuity, Backup and Disaster Recovery
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Business Continuity, Backup and IT Disaster Recovery

For IT Level5, it's mandatory to protect your business from unplanned events that could disrupt your IT infrastructure and have negative effects on your business operations.
We will help you.
At ITLevel5 we have the competence and the knowledge to design, create execute and test a continuity plan for you according to the regulatory compliance and the most widely used standards. ( ISASCA, ISO24762, NASD 3510/20, NIST ect..).

Our response to your needs
  • We help you protecting your data by selecting the right backup strategy enabling you to quickly back up business and employees' productivity environment
  • We design your recovery plan to meet your business availability objectives
  • we choose the appropriate and cost efficient  Services Provider for you off site data protection and backup.

Where business tolerance to IT disruptions is near zero,
  • we help you selection the right data center technology
  • we help designing a most cost effective and high availability DR solution
  • We balance the cost of an in-house redundant data center with the SLA of business resilience service providers.
  • We drive and implement this high availability solution to meet you business criticality.

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