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Configuration Management
For IT Level5, Configuration Management is the most important process to gain accurate and timely information for better decision-making.
Unfortunately, its business value is the most misunderstood in IT Management.
We help you identify, track and control your IT environment.
Regardless of your view point in IT environment (Software factory, software or documents deployment, infrastructure Asset management, change management), a configuration management data store and data process are business enablers.
At IT Level5, we have extensive knowledge in Configuration Management to help you:
  • make the appropriate and best technology choices for configuring your organization's items
  • identify all configuration items that are used to provide which IT services
  • track which of critical configuration items being moved or misplaced,
  • monitor and report their dependency and the availability of the services they're related to.
  • track and report unauthorized items or versions being used in the provision of IT services.
We use ITIL® Configuration Management Systems (CMS), vendor selected CMDB, Asset Management DB or open CM to drive higher business value from your IT investments.

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