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IT Infrastructure Services

Managed IT Support
Ongoing business operations require a reliable, efficient and simplified IT support because supporting IT in mission-critical and multi-vendors environment is a discipline that usually mobilizes skilled and experienced professionals. For many companies it's difficult to maintain the skill level required to manage, monitor and maintain such infrastructure and applications.

Our outstanding IT Support Services tailored for your business.
AT IT Level5, we deliver IT support Services effectively and proactively in tailored SLA that allows you to improve reliability and reduce cost.

Combined with the “best of the breed” Monitoring, Capacity Planning and automation software of the markets, our Support Services deliver world-class services:
  • Software & Hardware Support :
    • Settled in a strong SLA for your business, IT Level5 could be your single point of contact regardless your hardware and software vendors
    • Assistance planning your maintenance and releases this 24x7.
  • Application monitoring.
    • We offer a tailored SLA from our portfolio to provide you with application monitoring , application availability
    • .. and other on-call services, either remotely or on site.
  • Preventive Maintenance:
    • Using our monitoring platform, we can report and perform preventive maintenance activities
    • ...and  system health-check, performance monitoring, root cause analysis, etc.