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Network Management
Many companies and their network engineers are not aware of how vulnerable their networks are. The internet access, the VoIP, the video conferencing and the Wireless access have improved the business expansion, but have introduced complexity and vulnerability in the overall network infrastructure of organizations.

The Inevitable Challenges for Continuous business operations.
Your network is the heart of your data center and your businesses continuity. Therefore, having a continuous network operation is a challenge you cannot afford without professionals.

At IT level5, we he have extensive experience in designing and maintaining complex networks and class of services( LAN, WAN, VLAN, WirelessLAN, Video, Voice) in multi vendor environment.
  • We help you design and integrate data, voice and video into a business converged network to improve efficiency
  • We harden your network infrastructure and implement disaster recovery and failover practices to guaranty your business continuity
  • We design and maintain your business mobile data (VPN, wireless, Pda, Blackberry ..ect..) to improve flexibility and support new business needs
  • We monitor and audit your network to ensure that it remains configurable, consistent, compliant, secure and efficient
  • Settled in a strong SLA for your business, IT Level5 could be you single point of contact regardless your network vendors and assist you planning maintenance, and releases, this 24x7.
  • We design and select the appropriate hosting companies for your web services

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